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Abstract City


Cityscape with abstract textures, illustration painting


Abstract Texture. A texture devised from the appearance of an actual surface but rearranged and/or simplified by the artist to satisfy the demands of the artwork. Actual texture. a surface that can be experienced through the sense of touch (as opposed to a surface visually stimulated by the artist)

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100 x 100 cm, 100 x 150 cm, 120 x 120 cm, 120 x 180 cm, 120 x 80 cm, 150 x 100 cm, 150 x 150 cm, 150 x 200 cm, 180 x 120 cm, 200 x 150 cm, 200 x 200 cm, 60 x 80 cm, 80 x 120 cm, 80 x 60 cm, 80 x 80 cm


Dibond Brushed, Dibond Gloss, Dibond Matt, Plexiglas, Poly


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